Biofeedback Tutor

Biofeedback Tutor is one of 10 core references for the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) Biofeedback certification exam and contains units that may be helpful for professionals studying for BCIA’s Neurofeedback and Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback exams.


This product provides a current and comprehensive review of biofeedback for BCIA certification preparation and professional education. Biofeedback Tutor satisfies 42 hours of didactic credit, including 3 hours of Professional Standards credit, for BCIA’s Biofeedback certification.

We only recommend you use it for didactic credit if you are missing several didactic rubrics. Otherwise, you are better served to enroll in a BCIA-accredited workshop or online course.

BCIA Continuing Education

This product also satisfies 42 continuing education hours, including 3 hours of professional standards for Biofeedback recertification, at a cost of less than $3 per credit hour.

BCIA Neurofeedback Certification

Biofeedback Tutor units on Concepts, History, Research, Psychophysiology, Ethics, Electricity, Anatomy EEG, Hardware EEG, and Applications CNS and Pain may be helpful for professionals preparing for BCIA’s Neurofeedback certification exam.

BCIA Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback Certification

Biofeedback Tutor units on Concepts, EMG Anatomy, EMG Applications, EMG Hardware, Ethics, Pain Anatomy, Relaxation, and Stress may be helpful for professionals preparing for BCIA’s Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback certification exam.

BCIA Biofeedback Certification

For successful exam preparation, we recommend that you study the entire BCIA Core Reading List, enroll in a BCIA-accredited didactic education program, and regularly evaluate your progress by taking our exams. Biofeedback Tutor contains 26 professionally-illustrated tutorials, supported by over 70 video segments and animations, and covers over 875 learning objectives that you can view with your web browser.  You can also assess your learning by taking 10-question multiple-choice tests designed for each tutorial over the internet. These questions are updated every quarter. You may purchase this product in digital download.

Biofeedback Tutor reviews critical topics in Concepts, History, Research, Ethics, Psychophysiology, Stress, Electricity, Relaxation, Skeletal Muscle System, Cardiovascular System, Electrodermal System, Respiratory System, Central Nervous System, Pain System, EMG Hardware, Cardiovascular Hardware, Electrodermal Hardware, Respiratory Hardware, EEG Hardware, Musculoskeletal Interventions, Neuromuscular Interventions, Cardiovascular Interventions, Pain Interventions, Autonomic Interventions, Respiratory Interventions, and Neurofeedback Interventions.

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Biofeedback Tutor runs on all Windows operating systems and Mac OS using your web browser. We make no claim as to this product’s impact on your certification exam performance.

To use as a study tool:  We originally designed this course as a study tool. You may purchase this product for $75 from your vendor or from Biosource using the Biofeedback Tutor Add to Cart button below.

To use for didactic or CE credit for BCIA:  Professionals have asked us to provide a certificate of exam completion to allow them to receive BCIA didactic or CE credit for an additional cost of $50. You may preorder this service for $125, less than $3 per credit hour, when you purchase Biofeedback Tutor from your vendor or from Biosource using the Biofeedback Tutor and Biofeedback Tutor Certificate of Exam Completion Add to Cart buttons.

You may also wait until you have earned 7/10 on each exam to order a Certificate of Exam Completion for $50 from your vendor or from Biosource using the Biofeedback Tutor Certificate of Exam Completion Add to Cart button.

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Disclaimer: To keep this product affordable, we do not provide AMA or APA continuing education credit.

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