Physiological Psychology

Fulfill BCIA’s Neuroanatomy and Physiology Requirement for Neurofeedback

Biosource Software offers a $125 self-paced Physiological Psychology online didactic course that fulfills BCIA’s Neuroanatomy and Physiology requirement.

If you are pursuing Biofeedback certification, you will need our Human Physiology course, instead.

Since your time is valuable, this course focuses on the topics important for neurofeedback professionals.

You may also use this course to satisfy 45 of 48 hours of continuing education for Biofeedback or Neurofeedback recertification. At less than $3 per credit hour, this is one of the most affordable ways to complete almost all of the hours required for recertification.


Disclaimer: To keep these products affordable, they do not provide AMA or APA continuing education credit.

Based on the leading Behavioral Neuroscience (8th ed.) textbook by Breedlove and Watson, this course covers:

Chapter 2: Functional Neuroanatomy: The Nervous System and Behavior
Chapter 3: Neurophysiology
Chapter 4: The Chemistry of Behavior: Neurotransmitters and Neuropharmacology
Chapter 5: Hormones and the Brain
Chapter 7: Life-Span Development of the Brain and Behavior
Chapter 8: General Principles of Sensory Processing, Touch, and Pain
Chapter 9: Hearing, Vestibular Perception, Taste, and Smell
Chapter 10: Vision: From Eye to Brain
Chapter 11: Motor Control and Plasticity
Chapter 14: Biological Rhythms, Sleep, and Dreaming
Chapter 15: Emotions, Aggression, and Stress
Chapter 16: Psychopathology: Biological Basis of Behavioral Disorders
Chapter 17: Learning and Memory
Chapter 18: Attention and Higher Cognition

Schedule and Format
After you enroll in this online course, you must complete it within 1 year of purchase. You decide when you start and complete this course.

You will purchase or rent Behavioral Neuroscience (8th ed.), Sinauer (publisher), ISBN 978-1605356426, review the corresponding PowerPoints, and must pass 14 chapter exams with scores of 75% or higher. Each exam will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions taken online. You will have unlimited time to complete each exam. You may retake each exam until you achieve a passing score. After submitting answers, you will see an overall score and missed questions.

We encourage you to use the practice testing and animation resources on the publisher’s website, review the PowerPoints in Course Documents, and check out the articles and videos in the Web Links section. Since this course is an independent study, there are no class discussions, essays, or papers.

You may pay $125 for this online course to your vendor or use the Biological Psychology Add to Cart button below. You will need to purchase or rent Behavioral Neuroscience (8th ed.) from vendors like

Academic Rigor
This online course is comparable in coverage to a 3-credit-hour undergraduate course and will satisfy BCIA’s neurofeedback anatomy and physiology requirement. To keep its cost low, this course does not provide AMA or APA continuing education credits. We will provide you with a certificate of completion when you complete all 14 chapter exams.

Faculty Credentials
Fredric Shaffer, PhD, BCB, Professor of Psychology at Truman State University, has taught Physiological Psychology for three decades.

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Physiological Psychology $125

Biofeedback Tutor $75

Neurofeedback100 $50