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Biofeedback Tutor Guide

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Biofeedback Tutor completely covers BCIA’s 42-hour Biofeedback Certification Blueprint. You will take exams on ClassMarker to test your mastery. When you pass each tutorial’s exams, contact us for your certificate. 

We have provided you with a universal username and password to open all BioSource Software tutorials and ClassMarker exams for your convenience.

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How To Start Biofeedback Tutor

Biofeedback Tutor Sign In box
Biofeedback Tutor menu

Select a Tutorial

Try the Read More Buttons

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Try Out the Links

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Log Into ClassMarker

Please enter the username and password we emailed you. Copy and paste your credentials into ClassMarker and click on the black Login button. Do not click on the orange Register Free button.

ClassMarker Login

How to Take Exams

ClassMarker Group Menu
ClassMarker Groups menu
ClassMarker exams menu

How to Receive Exam Feedback

ClassMarker exam feedback

How to Return to the Exam Menu

ClassMarker Group Tests
ClassMarker Retake an Exam

How to Receive Your Certificate of Exam Completion

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Consider These Products

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