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How to Order Biosource Software Products

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You may order our products using the convenient Add to Cart buttons on our product pages or through your personal vendor.

Customer Satisfaction

If you have questions about our products, please contact Biosource Software before you place an order. We want you to order the right products for your needs to ensure your satisfaction.


Product Delivery

Who will use this product?
If you are purchasing this product for a family or staff member, please list their name and email address in “Instructions” when you use the cart below or send an email to fredricshaffer@gmail.com. If you are the recipient, please ensure that your PayPal email address is current.

Which email address should we use?
Please ensure that your PayPal email address is current since we will use it to fulfill your order. You can change your address by adding it to “Instructions” when you use our cart or by sending an email to fredricshaffer@gmail.com.

When will you receive your order?
Our staff personally fulfills your order since this requires several manual steps. After receipt of your order, we will provide you with a username, password, and exam password within 1 working day. Please check your spam filter for your order confirmation and enrollment emails.