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Meet Our Artists

Dani, Devid, and Minaananda, our core graphic artists, have earned our highest recommendation after more than 75 orders each. We consider them family and our partners in illustrating our galleries, tutorials, webinar presentations, and WEBTOONs.

Dani S (Indonesia)

Dani S is responsible for our Real Genius series, which includes infographics. She has a 5.0 rating on based on 403 orders. Dani's talent, dedication, and English skills are amazing. We purchase her Standard ($20) package and tip the same amount.

Steve Baskin


Devid (Indonesia)

Devid created the stunning lifelike watercolor portraits in our Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Galleries. He also draws portraits of beloved companion animals. Devid has a 4.9 rating on based on 380 orders. Devid's artistic talent and enthusiasm are exceptional. We purchase his Premium ($15) package and tip the same amount.

Paul Swingle 750.jpg

Minaananda (India)

Minaananda creates accurate, detailed, and visually appealing medical illustrations. He also redraws original figures and excels at vector art.  Minaananda has a 5.0 rating on based on 411 orders. He is a highly gifted and versatile graphic designer and a consummate professional. We purchase his Standard ($20) package and tip the same amount.

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