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Neurofeedback Gallery

BioSource Software commissioned this growing Neurofeedback Gallery to help preserve neurofeedback history and celebrate the contributions of seminal and current leaders in the field.

We honor Edgar Adrian, John S. Anderson, Margaret Ayers, Elsa Baeher, Hans Berger, Niels Birbaumer, Barbara Brown, Genie Bodenheimer-Davis, Thomas Budzynski,  Harry Campbell, Rex Cannon, David Cantor, Dan Chartier, Rob Coben, Tom Collura, James Cooley and John Tukey, Judy Crawford, Hallowell Davis, John Davis, John Demos, Frank Dietz, Frank Duffy, James Evans, Lester Fehmi, Herta Flor, Dick Genardi, Erna and Frederick Gibbs,  Penijean Gracefire, Jay Gunkelman, Dave Hagedorn, Cory Hammond, James Hardt,  E. Roy John, Mark Jones, David Kaiser, Joe Kamiya, Cynthia Kerson, Nathaniel Kleitman, Juri Kropotov, William Lenox,  Michael Linden, Rob Longo, Joel Lubar, Randy Lyle, Vincent Monastra, Tanya Morosoli,  Ernst Niedermeyer, Len Ochs, Siegfried and Sue Othmer, Roberto Pascual-Marqui, Eugene Peniston, Leslie Prichep, Peter Rosenfeld, Harold Russell, Mitch and Angelika Sadar, Bill Scott, M. Coleen Shannon, Leslie Sherlin, Mark Smith, Estate (Tato) Sokhadze, Richard Soutar, Barry Sterman, Tanju Surmeli, Ron Swatzyna, Mari Swingle, Paul Swingle, Robert Thatcher, Michael and Lynda Thompson, Herschel Toomim, Mary L. Tracy-Heusner, Robert (Rusty) Turner,  Peter Van Deusen, Jonathan Walker, Willam Grey Walter, and Martin Wuttke.

Edgar Adrian 750.jpg

Edgar Adrian

John Anderson 750.jpg

John S. Anderson

Margaret Ayers 750.jpg

Margaret Ayers

Elsa Baehr 750.jpg

Elsa Baeher

Hans Berger

Niels Birbaumer 750.jpg

Niels Birbaumer

Genie Davis 750.jpg

Genie Bodenheimer-Davis

Barbara Brown 750.jpg

Barbara Brown

Thomas Budzynski 750.jpg

Thomas Budzynski

Harry Campbell 750.jpg

Harry Campbell

Rex Cannon 750.jpg

Rex Cannon

David Cantor 750.jpg

David Cantor

Dan Chartier 750.jpg

Dan Chartier

Robert Coben 750.jpg

Rob Coben

Thomas Collura 750.jpg

Tom Collura

Cooley and Tukey 750.jpg

James Cooley and John Tukey

Judy Crawford 750.jpg

Judy Crawford

Hallowell Davis 750.jpg

Hallowell Davis

John Davis 750.jpg

John Davis

John Demos 750.jpg

John Demos

Frank Dietz 750.jpg

Frank Dietz

Frank Duffy 750.jpg

Frank Duffy

James Evans 750.jpg

James Evans

Les Fehmi 750.jpg

Les Fehmi

Herta Flor 750.jpg

Herta Flor

Dick Genardi 750.jpg

Dick Genardi

Erna and Frederick Gibbs 750.jpg

Erna and Frederick Gibbs

Penijean Gracefire 750.jpg

Penijean Gracefire

John Gruzelier 750.jpg

John Gruzelier

Gunkelman 750.jpg

Jay Gunkelman

Dave Hagedorn 750.jpg

David Hagedorn

Cory Hammond 750.jpg

Cory Hammond

James Hardt 750.jpg

James Hardt

E. Roy John 750.jpg

E. Roy John

David Kaiser 750.jpg

David Kaiser

Mark Jones 750.jpg

Mark Jones

Joe Kamiya

Cynthia Kerson 750.jpg

Cynthia Kerson

Kleitman 750.jpg

Nathaniel Kleitman

Juri Kropotov 750.jpg

Juri Kropotov

William Lenox 750.jpg

William Lenox

Michael Linden 750.jpg

Michael Linden

Rob Longo 750.jpg

Rob Longo

Joel Lubar 750.jpg

Joel Lubar

Randy Lyle 750.jpg

Randy Lyle

Vincent Monastra 750.jpg

Vincent Monastra

Tonya Morosoli 750.jpg

Tanya Morosoli

Ernst Neidermeyer 750.jpg

Ernst Niedermeyer

Len Ochs 750.jpg

Len Ochs

Sue and Sigfried Othmer 750.jpg

Siegfried and Sue Othmer

Roberto Pacual Marqui 750.jpg

Roberto Pascual-Marqui

Eugene Peniston 750.jpg

Eugene Peniston

Prichep 750.jpg

Leslie Prichep

Rosenfeld 750.jpg

Peter Rosenfeld

Harold Russell 750.jpg

Harold Russell

Mitch and Angelika 750.jpg

Mitch and Angelika Sadar

Bill Scott 750.jpg

Bill Scott

M. Coleen Shannon 750.jpg

M. Coleen Shannon

Leslie Sherlin 750.jpg

Leslie Sherlin

Mark Smith 750.jpg

Mark Smith

Tato Sokhadze 750.jpg

Estate (Tato) Sokhadze

Richard Soutar 750.jpg

Richard Soutar

Barry Sterman 750.jpg

Barry Sterman

Ute Strehl 750.jpg

Ute Strehl

Tanju Surmeli 750.jpg

Tanju Surmeli

Ron Swatzyna 750.jpg

Ron Swatzyna

Mari Swingle 750.jpg

Mari Swingle

Paul Swingle 750.jpg

Paul Swingle

Robert Thatcher 750.jpg

Robert Thatcher

Michael and Lynda watercolor.jpg

Michael and Lynda Thompson

Hershel Toomim 750.jpg

Hershel Toomim

Mary Tracy 750.jpg

Mary L. Tracy-Heusner

Robert (Rusty) Turner

Peter Van Deusen 750.jpg

Peter Van Deusen

William Grey Walter 750.jpg

William Grey Walter

Jonathan Walker 750.jpg

Jonathan Walker

Martin Wuttke 750.jpg

Martin Wuttke


BioSource Software funded our current Neurofeedback Gallery. We have added a donation option at our friends' request to support its expansion. Each portrait costs us $50.

We welcome nominations from our community, which
our panel will review. We regret that we cannot accept donations designated for specific individuals.

About Our Artist

Devid@indoboy at drew these lifelike and warm watercolor portraits.

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