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Biofeedback Gallery

BioSource Software commissioned this growing Biofeedback Gallery to help preserve neurofeedback history and celebrate the contributions of seminal and current leaders in the field.

We honor Frank Andrasik, Steve Baskin, John Basmajian, Ethan Benore, Jeffrey Bolek, Bernard Brucker, Thomas Budzynski, Francine Butler, Evelyn Bird, Didier Combatalade, Jeffrey Cram, Judy Crawford, Eleanor Criswell, Celeste DeBease, Frank DeGregorio, Stuart Donaldson, Steve Fahrion, Robert Freedman, George Fuller von Bozzay, Richard Gevirtz, Christopher Gilbert, Alan Glaros, Elmer and Alyce Green, Dave Hagedorn, Rick Harvey, Bea Haskins, (Phillip) Tony Hughes, Edmund Jacobson, Inna Khazan, Larry Klein, Leah Lagos, Sylvain Laborde, DeLee Lantz, Paul Lehrer, I-Mei Lin, Rollin McCraty, Angele McGrady, Neal Miller, Brian Milstead, Doil Montgomery, Donald Moss, Hal Myers, Randy Neblett, Erik Peper, Stephen Porges, Lilian Rosenbaum, Saul Rosenthal, John Rugh, Mark Schwartz, Gabe Sella, David Shapiro, Richard Sherman, B. F. Skinner, Patrick Steffen, Steve Stern, Johan Stoyva, Edward Taub, Julian Thayer, Edward Thorndike, Marjorie and Hershel Toomim,  Bronya Vaschillo, Evgeny Vaschillo, Bob Whitehouse, Norbert Wiener, Vietta Sue Wilson, Steven Wolf, and Carolyn Yucha.

Frank Andrasik 750.jpg

Frank Andrasik

Steve Baskin 750.jpg

Steve Baskin

John Basmajian 750.jpg

John Basmajian

Ethan Benore watercolor.jpg

Ethan Benore

Evelyn Bird 750.jpg

Evelyn Bird

Jeffrey Bolek 750.jpg

Jeffrey Bolek

Bernie Brucker 750.jpg

Bernard Brucker

Thomas Budzynski

Fran Butler 750.jpg

Francine Butler

Didier Combatalade 750.jpg

Didier Combatalade

Jeffrey Cram 750.jpg

Jeffrey Cram

Judy Crawford 750.jpg

Judy Crawford

Eleanor Criswell 750.jpg

Eleanor Criswell

Fredricshaffer 102 (60cm x 40cm) 300dpi_Premium Package_Best Quality indoboy fiverr.jpg

Celeste DeBease

Frank DiGregorio 750.jpg

Frank DeGregorio

Stuart Donaldson 750.jpg

Stuart Donaldson

Steve Fahrion 750.jpg

Steve Fahrion

Robert Freedman 750.jpg

Robert Freedman

George Fuller von Bozzay 750.jpg

George Fuller von Bozzay

Dick Gevirtz 750.jpg

Richard Gevirtz

Chris Glibert 750.jpg

Christopher Gilbert

Alan Glaros 750.jpg

Alan Glaros

Elmer and Alyce Green 750.jpg

Elmer and Alyce Green

Dave Hagedorn 750.jpg

Dave Hagedorn

Rick Harvey 750.jpg

Richard Harvey

Bea Haskins 750.jpg

Bea Haskins

Tony Hughes 750.jpg

(Phillip) Tony Hughes

Edmund Jacobson 750.jpg

Edmund Jacobson

Inna Khazan

Larry Klein 750.jpg

Larry Klein

Sylvain Laborde 750.jpg

Sylvain Laborde

Leah Lagos 750.jpg

Leah Lagos

DeLee Lantz 750.jpg

DeLee Lantz

Paul Lehrer 750.jpg

Paul Lehrer

Imei Lin 750.jpg

I-Mei Lin

Rollin McCraty 750.jpg

Rollin McCraty

Angele McGrady 750.jpg

Angele McGrady

Neil Miller 750.jpg

Neal Miller

Brian Milstead 750.jpg

Brian Milstead

Dron Moss 750.jpg

Donald Moss

Doil Montgomery 750.jpg

Doil Montgomery

Hal Myers 750.jpg

Hal Myers

Randy Neblett 750.jpg

Randy Neblett

Erik Peper Devid.jpg

Erik Peper

Stephen Porges 750.jpg

Stephen Porges

Lilian Rosenbaum 750.jpg

Lilian Rosenbaum

Saul Rosenthal watercolor.jpg

Saul Rosenthal

John Rugh 750.jpg

John Rugh

Mark Schwartz 750.jpg

Mark Schwartz

Gabe Sella 750.jpg

Gabe Sella

David Shapiro 750.jpg

David Shapiro

Richard Sherman 750.jpg

Richard Sherman

B F Skinner 750.jpg

B. F. Skinner

Patrick Steffen 750.jpg

Patrick Steffen

Steve Stern 750.jpg

Steve Stern

Johann Stoyva 750.jpg

Johann Stoyva

Edward Taub 750.jpg

Edward Taub

Julian Thayer 750.jpg

Julian Thayer

Edward Thorndike 750.jpg

Edward Thorndike

Marjorie and Herschel Toomim 750.jpg

Marjorie and Hershel Toomim

Bronya Vaschillo 750.jpg

Bronya Vaschillo

Evgeny Vaschillo 750.jpg

Evgeny Vaschillo

Bob Whitehouse 750.jpg

Bob Whitehouse

Norbert Wiener 750.jpg

Norbert Wiener

Eric Willmarth 750.jpg

Eric Willmarth

Vietta Sue Wilson 750.jpg

Vietta Sue Wilson

Steven Wolf 750.jpg

Steven Wolf

Carolyn Yucha 750.jpg

Carolyn Yucha


BioSource Software funded our current Biofeedback Gallery. We have added a donation option at our friends' request to support its expansion. Each portrait costs us $50.

We welcome nominations from our community, which
our panel will review. We regret that we cannot accept donations designated for specific individuals.

About Our Artist

Devid@indoboy at drew these lifelike and warm watercolor portraits.

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