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Neuroanatomy for Technicians

Fulfills BCIA’s Neurofeedback Technician Neuroanatomy Requirement for $85

BCIA Continuing Education

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You may also use this course

to satisfy 35 of 48 hours of continuing education for Biofeedback or Neurofeedback recertification. 

Technicians purchasing this course qualify for a 15% discount (enter promo code
15) on future BioSource
Software products. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts.

BCIA accredits this self-paced course to satisfy its Neurofeedback Technician Neuroanatomy requirement. If you are pursuing Biofeedback certification, you will need our Human Physiology course instead.

Course Coverage

Based on the leading The Mind's Machine (4th ed.) textbook by Watson and Breedlove. VitalSource rents an ebook version for $65.

Why did we choose this textbook? The Mind's Machine is a full-featured textbook with professional graphics and study tools. This book is a good read and designed for student success. Watson and Breedlove write at an ideal level for neurofeedback technicians.

This course covers:

  • Chapter 1: Structure and Function

  • Chapter 2: Neurophysiology

  • Chapter 3: The Chemistry of Behavior

  • Chapter 5: Sensorimotor System

  • Chapter 6: Hearing, Balance, Taste, Smell

  • Chapter 7: Vision

  • Chapter 8:  Hormones and Sex

  • Chapter 10: Biological Rhythms and Sleep

  • Chapter 11: Emotions, Aggression, and Stress

  • Chapter 13: Memory and Learning

  • A Review of the Networks Trained by Neurofeedback

The BioSource Advantage

  1. Industry-leading courses with exceptional learning resources.

  2. Best-of-class assessment using the ClassMarker testing platform that provides instant results.

  3. Instructor availability to answer questions over course content.

  4. Value-priced with international and military discounts for those who qualify.

  5. Our courses start on YOUR schedule.

Compare instructor credentials, textbook, resources, assessment platform, and price before selecting your course.

Schedule and Format

After you enroll in this online course, you must complete it within 1 year of purchase. You decide when you start and finish this course.

Purchase or rent Watson & Breedlove's The Mind's Machine (4th ed.), Oxford (publisher), review the PowerPoints, and pass 11 ClassMarker chapter exams with 70% or higher.

Each exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions taken online. You have unlimited time to complete each exam. You may retake each exam until you achieve a passing score. After submitting answers, you will see an overall score and missed questions.


We encourage you to review the invaluable resources provided in the Course Guide. Since this course is an independent study, there are no class discussions, essays, or papers.

Academic Rigor

Your instructor is a veteran Biological Psychologist, who has used and consulted on the graduate version of this textbook for decades.


This course satisfies BCIA’s Neurofeedback Technician Neuroanatomy requirement.

Certificate of Completion

We will provide you with a certificate of completion when you pass 11 ClassMarker exams and contact us.

Fred Shaffer - BioSource Software

Your instructor - Fred Shaffer 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Neuroanatomy for Technicians runs on Windows and the Mac OS using your web browser.


Your Neuroanatomy for Technicians subscription is for 1 year. 


We do not provide AMA or APA continuing education credit to keep this product affordable. You will need to purchase or rent The Mind's Machine (4th ed.).

Cancellation Policy

You may request a refund within 2 weeks of purchasing this course.

Help Us Deliver Your Product

  1. We fulfill orders in one working day. Please check your spam and trash filters if you have not received your registration email.

  2. If you have purchased our products for someone else, email us their name and email address.

  3. If your preferred email address differs from the one used with your payment method, email us the correct one.

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