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Biofeedback Tutor

Fulfills BCIA’s Biofeedback Certification Didactic Requirement for $275

Biofeedback Tutor is one of BCIA’s core Biofeedback Certification references. Biofeedback Tutor covers 42 hours of didactic content, including 2 hours of Professional Standards and Ethical Principles, for BCIA’s Biofeedback certification for $125. You may also order it with a certificate of exam completion, providing 42 hours of didactic credit for a total price of $275.

At $275, this is the most affordable BCIA-accredited Biofeedback didactic course currently available. We have extensively updated content, design, and illustrations to deliver an industry-leading product. You may also wait until you have earned 70% on each exam to order a Certificate of Exam Completion for $150 from BioSource.

Compare instructor credentials, textbook, resources, assessment platform, and price before selecting your course.


Course Coverage

Biofeedback Tutor contains 26 professionally-illustrated tutorials, supported by 5 case presentations by licensed Clinical Psychologists, and over 70 video segments and animations. Biofeedback Tutor covers over 875 learning objectives and provides multiple-choice testing on the industry-leading ClassMarker platform.

Biofeedback Tutor reviews critical topics in Concepts, History, Research, Ethics, Psychophysiology, Stress, Electricity, Relaxation, Skeletal Muscle System, Cardiovascular System, Electrodermal System, Respiratory System, Central Nervous System, Pain System, EMG Hardware, Cardiovascular Hardware, Electrodermal Hardware, Respiratory Hardware, EEG Hardware, Musculoskeletal Interventions, Neuromuscular Interventions, Cardiovascular Interventions, Pain Interventions, Autonomic Interventions, Respiratory Interventions, and Neurofeedback Interventions.

BCIA Continuing Education

This product also satisfies 42 continuing education hours, including 3 hours of Professional Standards for Biofeedback or Neurofeedback, when you purchase it with our certificate of exam completion for $275.