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A Powerful New Neurotech Tool for Augmenting Your Mind - TED 2023

Conor Russomanno

1,210,721 views | TED2023 | April 2023 | 12:56 minutes | Watch A Powerful New Neurotech Tool for Augmenting Your Mind

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Synopsis of A Powerful New Neurotech Tool

"In an astonishing talk and tech demo, neurotechnologist Conor Russomanno shares his work building brain-computer interfaces that could enable us to control the external world with our minds. He discusses the quickly advancing possibilities of this field -- including the promise of a "closed-loop system" that could both record and stimulate brain activity -- and invites neurohacker Christian Bayerlein onto the TED stage to fly a mind-controlled drone by using a biosensing headset."

Speaker Profile

"Conor Russomanno is the founder and CEO of OpenBCI, a company working to build ethical neurotech, brain-computer interfaces. He became fascinated with the relationship between the human brain and mind after suffering concussions while playing college football and rugby. While pursuing an MFA in Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design, he spent 12 years creating DIY brain-sensing headsets and neuro-interactive games, animations, and stories. In 2013, he began work on what would later become OpenBCI, which has since designed and distributed more than 40,000 tools for neuroscience to more than 100 countries worldwide. One of Russomanno's leading innovations is the award-winning Galea headset, a hardware and software platform that merges next-generation biometrics with mixed reality.

Russomanno's work has been featured in media outlets such as Bloomberg, Scientific American, and Wired. He was recognized in the Forbes "30 Under 30" in 2018 and has served as an adjunct professor and research affiliate at Parsons, NYU, and MIT."

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Nov 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I wasn't aware of the important work that Conor Russomanno is doing to efficiently integrate biofeedback modalities. It's fascinating and encouraging to see an example of how Galea headset and OpenBCI software improves real-world performance.

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