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BCIA Recertification for Smart People

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

BCIA requires certificants to complete 48 hours of accredited continuing education (30 hours for Senior Fellows) every 4 years that their biofeedback or neurofeedback certification is valid. All recertification applications require completing 3 hours of ethics or professional conduct coursework as part of the CE requirements.

BCIA offers many ways to earn continuing education credits for recertification. All courses must be accredited and blueprint-relevant. BCIA uses the term "accredited" to refer to courses offered by universities that are regionally accredited and approved by a national professional healthcare organization such as the AMA, APA, or BCIA.

The Steps for Earning Your BCIA Recertification

Visit BCIA's website to research your recertification requirements and continuing education options. Download BCIA's Recertification Application from the same page.

Recertify Early

Your 4-year certification ends in December. Reduce your recertification fee by recertifying earlier.

Recertification: January 1 – June 30: $225

July 1 – October 31: $250

After November 1: $275

Dual recertification: January 1 – June 30: $200

July 1 – October 31: $225

After November 1: $250

Submit your Application and Filing Fee simultaneously.

BioSource BCIA-Accredited CE Courses

Dr. Fred Shaffer, a Truman State University professor with over 47 years of experience, supervises BioSource continuing education courses.

The BioSource Advantage

  1. Industry-leading courses with exceptional learning resources.

  2. Best-of-class assessment using the ClassMarker testing platform that provides instant results.

  3. Instructor availability to answer questions over course content.

  4. Value-priced with international and military discounts for those who qualify.

  5. Our courses start on YOUR schedule.

Affordable BCIA Professional Standards

Our $75 BCIA Professional Standards and Ethical Principles course satisfies BCIA's 3-hour ethics requirement.

You can earn ethics credit in three easy steps: (1) purchase our PSEP certificate of completion, (2) read our BCIA Professional Standards post, and (3) score at least 70% on a single exam on ClassMarker. When you pass the exam, ClassMarker will provide a download link to save your certificate of exam completion.

Be a Lifelong Learner

BioSource offers university-level courses you have always wanted to study.


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