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Powerful qEEG Study Tools

Updated: Jun 14

You have completed a world-class qEEG didactic course and are preparing for the International QEEG Certification Board (IQCB) certification exam. BioSource's professional educators can elevate your review through our qEEG Tutor for Exam Review and qEEG100 testing service.

qEEG Tutor for Exam Review

qEEG Tutor

qEEG Tutor for Exam Review is our $150 multimedia tutorial covering 40 IQCB QEEG Blueprint hours. Our multimedia tutorial contains nine professionally illustrated tutorials with ClassMarker testing and Quizlet flashcards. qEEG Tutor for Exam Review reviews History (1 hour), Neuroscience (8 hours), Technical (4 hours), EEG (8 hours), QEEG (9 hours), Psychopharmacology (2 hours), Research (2 hours), Ethics (2 hours), and Clinical Practice/Forensic (4 hours).

qEEG Tutor Menu

qEEG Tutor for Exam Review provides authoritative content, design, and illustrations to deliver an industry-leading product. This effort includes educational cartoons from our Real Genius series on WEBTOON.

Real Genius

Disclaimer: This product does not replace an IQCB-accredited QEEG didactic course or provide continuing education credit.

qEEG100 Testing Service

qEEG Tutor

qEEG100 is our $125 testing service and not a course. The International QEEG Certification Board recommends our qEEG100 testing service, which intensively reviews its Blueprint and Reading List. qEEG100 reviews EEG artifacts, basic neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, drug effects, database analysis, clinical and cognitive aspects, montages and spectral and topographic aspects of the EEG, and ethical and professional conduct. BioSource Software has developed a professionally written question pool that exceeds 145 exams and 1450 questions based on the International QEEG Certification Board’s Blueprint and Core Reading List. We regularly review and update these questions.

Meet our Development Team

John Anderson, John Davis, and Fred Shaffer developed our qEEG products.

Development Team

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