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HRV Myths: You Should Trust Smartphone HRV App Values

HRV time- and frequency-domain values obtained from smartphone apps may be invalid due to their failure to control artifacts.

Cautiously Interpret HRV App Measurements

Popular HRV apps either do not clean data or perform minimal data cleaning. They are overwhelmed by abnormal beats like premature atrial contractions (PACs). Manual data artifacting within programs like CardioPro and Kubios is the "gold standard." This Real Genius episode draws heavily on Dr. Fred Shaffer's extensive writing and HRV presentations. It was illustrated by Dani S@unclebelang and written by Fred Shaffer.

Real Genius

BioSource releases one new WEBTOON episode weekly to support science literacy. If you like this, please check out our growing collection. If you are fond of dogs, cats, and squirrels, enjoy our Cooperville series. We missed Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes and wanted to provide a safe space of gentle humor and innocent fun.

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