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Profile of Michael and Lynda Thompson

Updated: Mar 23

Michael and Lynda Thompson

The psychiatrist (Michael) and clinical psychologist (Lynda) team from Toronto have made foundational contributions to the field of EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback). They have trained practitioners from many professional backgrounds worldwide to understand neurofeedback from neurons to neighborhoods. Neurofeedback is often most beneficial when integrated with evidence-based cognitive-behavior therapy, medication, and support from parents and teachers so that it has an enduring impact on the client's behavior in their real-life environment. The Neurofeedback Book, now in its second edition, is a monumental contribution to teaching neurofeedback's neurological and electrical underpinnings. It includes detailed practical descriptions of providing effective neurofeedback and related therapy based on work at the Thompson's clinic, the ADD Centre. The scientific evidence base for The Neurofeedback Book is extensive and includes the numerous research publications by the Thompsons and their collaborators.

The Neurofeedback Book

Michael and Lynda Thompson provided a 5-day workshop that Dr. John Davis attended. He learned knowledge and practical skills to move forward with neurofeedback mentoring and ongoing learning. Takeaways

Key things that Dr. Davis learned were the intimate connection between assessment, clinical reasoning, and neurofeedback planning, with neurofeedback training effects benefitting from the integration of relevant treatments like psychotherapy.

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