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HRV Myths: Successful HRV Biofeedback Training Always Produces a 0.1 Hz LF Peak

If you train your client using a resonance frequency protocol, their target breathing rate might fall between 4.5-6.5 bpm for adults and as high as 8 bpm for children. The peak frequency (e.g., the highest amplitude frequency) depends on your client’s breathing rate. Although breathing at 6 bpm yields a 0.1 Hz peak (6/60 = 0.1 Hz), 5 bpm creates a 0.08 Hz peak (5/60 = 0.083 Hz).

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This Real Genius episode was illustrated by Dani S@unclebelang and written by Fred Shaffer and Zachary Meehan. BioSource releases one new WEBTOON episode weekly to support science literacy. If you like this, please check out our growing collection. If you are fond of dogs, cats, and squirrels, enjoy our Cooperville series. We missed Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes and wanted to provide a safe space of gentle humor and innocent fun.

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Matt Bennett, Optimal HRV Co-Founder, recently interviewed me about HRV frequency-domain measurements. This podcast is available at or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

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